Issue 3 Volume 9 (2021)

Parotid Abscess with Facial Palsy in a Patient on Hemodialysis: A Management Challenge
Written by Pavithran Ashokkumar   Published On Issue 3 Vol 9, 2021
A parotid abscess is a rare condition often associated with immunocompromised status . ESRD is known to increase the risk of infections (DNI), two-fold. Parotid abscess in patients with ESRD may behave aggressively with extension into adjacent spaces and facial paralysis. Management of infections in patients with ESRD is challenging and often dictates a modification of the usual treatment strategies because of alterations in their protein binding, volumes of distribution, kidney clearance, and n
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Lasers Related Knowledge and Practices of Dentists in Riyadh City: A Survey-Based Study
Written by Meshari Abdulaziz AlHumaidi   Published On Issue 3 Vol 9, 2021
Use of lasers in health profession is not new as it dates back more than 100 years when this technology was first tested by Planck in 1900. Since then, there is no looking back, with these advancements being used in various sectors of health. The present study is a cross-sectional one, that utilized a close-ended questionnaire. The target of this study is the dental professionals of Riyadh city; hence, all dentists with the tendency to participate were required to complete the questionnaire. Aft
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Maxillary First Pre-Molar with Three Roots - Case Report
Written by Hanoof Alwabli   Published On Issue 3 Vol 9, 2021
Disparities in quantity and root canals are perhaps a few of the most commonly portrayed anomalies in studies. The occurrence of 2 canals may be deemed usual but racial disparities in the root canal anatomy of premolars have been recognized. The composition of a maxillary premolar with 3 canals: palatal, distobuccal and mesio buccal is comparable to the neighboring maxillary molars, and they are occasionally described to as small molars. A 22 years old male patient of Saudi descent presented at
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Knowledge and Practice on Post-Endodontic Restorations Among Dental Practitioners; A Survey-Based Study in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Written by Abdulaziz Alobaidi   Published On Issue 3 Vol 9, 2021
The major purpose of restoring post-endodontic therapy is to preserve normal function, occlusion, and stabilizing the dental arch. Dentists are encountered with an ever-increasing occurrence of endodontically treated tooth in demand of treatment and with a constantly increasing number of various post-endodontic restoration materials. This study aimed at determining the practice and knowledge concepts of dental practitioners of Riyadh about restorations followed by endodontic treatment. This cros
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Different Prosthetic Comprehensive Methods of Increasing Vertical Dimension: A Systematic Review
Written by Riyadh A Alzunaydi   Published On Issue 3 Vol 9, 2021
Vertical dimension can be determined by different methods and the most common method used to evaluate VD is Freeway space. It was adverted by (Nyswonger ME. 1934). PROSPERO registration number CRD42020197154. In this systematic review guided by Prisma statement, the PICO formulation (population, intervention, comparison, and outcome) was allocated to adult patients who had undergone an increased vertical dimension. 3011 literature were searched and collected from various libraries on internet ne
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Reason for Referral for Cone Bean Computed Tomography in an Academic Setting
Written by Sumaiah Abdulbaqi Ajlan   Published On Issue 3 Vol 9, 2021
Cone beam radiography represents an essential tool for dental diagnostics that is utilized by most dental specialties. This study aims to evaluate the reason for referral for Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) evaluation in a university-based setting, along with characteristics of the referring dentists. A total of 546 referral forms was selected through systematic sampling technique, and different factors were recorded, including patient-related factors (age, gender), the reason for referral,
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Effect of Various Antibacterial Materials in Dental Composites: A Systematic Review
Written by Badr Soliman Alhussain   Published On Issue 3 Vol 9, 2021
Dental composites are used in the treatment of conditions such as caries but could also produce marginal fractures and the emergence of secondary dental caries. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of antibacterial agents used with contemporary composites in managing dental caries. The systematic review involved the identification of relevant articles on the Google Scholar, Cochrane Library, and PubMed databases. Studies published between 2011 and 2021 were obtained, screened,
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Laser-Assisted Removal of All-Ceramic Restorations: A Systematic Review
Written by Khalid Mohammed AlShehri   Published On Issue 3 Vol 9, 2021
All-ceramic restoration is popular due to the wide range of benefits associated with it. Nevertheless, all-ceramic restoration has a short life span, which necessitates replacement or removal when it is no longer effective. The traditional techniques used in removing the all-ceramic restoration involved utilizing rotary instruments to grind the veneer and this made the procedure time-consuming as well as inconvenient. However, the use of a laser-assisted approach is a promising treatment protoco
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An Overview on Recent Endodontics Obturation Techniques, Literature Review
Written by Hassan A Alwosaibei   Published On Issue 3 Vol 9, 2021
Obturating the root of the tooth is done as tissue saving procedure in infections of the denture. The benefits of obturation lie in its ability to prevent the continuation and progression of tooth cavity infection. The procedure is simply done to cleanse, remodel, and fill in the cavity. There are many techniques for root canal obturation. Moreover, there are avoidable and manageable complications for this endodontic procedure that warrants discussion. To review the different techniques of endod
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Efficacy of Ionoseal as a Lining and Sealing Agent in Dental Restorations: A Systematic Review
Written by Saud Ahmed Aleidi   Published On Issue 3 Vol 9, 2021
This systematic review investigated the efficacy and clinical properties that make Ionoseal a successful sealing and lining agent during dental restorations. The study relied on secondary data compilation and analysis; thus, PRISMA meta-analysis and systematic review were adopted as the ideal methodology approaches. The research design procedure involved the identification of relevant inclusion and exclusion criteria for article screening and using the Cochrane risk of bias assessment
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Perception of Smile Aesthetics as Influenced by Gingival Margin Asymmetries of Maxillary Canine Among Different Specialities
Written by Purva Verma   Published On Issue 3 Vol 9, 2021
An understanding of the factors influencing the attractiveness of a smile is an important step in creating attractive smiles. The objective of the study was to assess the perception of smile aesthetics among four different groups, which included orthodontists, prosthodontists, endodontists, and laypeople concerning asymmetries in the maxillary canines' gingival margins. Full-face and close-up photographs of the frontal smiles of 2 subjects (1 Female and 1 Male subject) were used. The images
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Dental Students’ Knowledge and Attitudes About Mental Illness
Written by Azizah Bin Mubayrik   Published On Issue 3 Vol 9, 2021
This study aims to evaluate the knowledge and attitude toward mental illness among dental students and interns. To examine dental students’ knowledge and attitude about mental disorders, a self-administered questionnaire was designed, tested, and disseminated to dental students and interns through social outlets, participation was voluntary after consenting. A total of 125 dental students and interns participated in the study. Data were statistically analyzed using SPSS. Our results displa
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Photodynamic Therapy - The Light with Therapeutic Potential: A Case Series
Written by Pramod Kumar   Published On Issue 3 Vol 9, 2021
Photodynamic therapy is a modern, rapidly evolving discipline for treating various diseases & conditions. It is a light-mediated photochemical reaction involving the activation of photosensitizing compounds leading to the generation of cytotoxic reactive oxygen species. Photodynamic therapy represents a non-invasive, non-toxic, repeatable procedure without causing any collateral damage and is used for treating periodontal and peri-implant diseases by causing light-activated microbial killing
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Reliability of Schwarz Analysis in Calculating Mandibular Length for South Indian Population
Written by Arathi Murugesan   Published On Issue 3 Vol 9, 2021
The South Indian population is rich in ethnicity and cultural diversity, and craniofacial growth and malocclusion is influenced by racial, ethnic, sexual, and dietary differences. Therefore the need of standard norms for the local population is fundamental in the evaluation and diagnosis of craniofacial abnormalities. The study was aimed to assess the reliability of Schwarz analysis in measuring mandibular length for the South Indian population. This was a retrospective study evaluating lateral
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Awareness Towards Personal Protective Equipment Among Dental Professionals in India During Covid-19 Outbreak- A Survey
Written by Hema Kanathila   Published On Issue 3 Vol 9, 2021
A substantial number of healthcare workers are contracting COVID when dealing with infected individuals. Dentists and dental clinics are more prone to spreading the virus because of the close contact with the patient through blood, saliva, and aerosol. To reduce the risk of contamination, appropriate fluid resistance masks and protective equipment must be worn by dental professionals and clinical auxiliary staff. An online survey was conducted during the peak time of the Covid-19 spread in India
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