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Our journal “Annals of Dental Specialty” is double blind peer reviewed journal, designed by the group of renowned specialists from various field of dentistry. This journal is formulated to discuss the newer techniques and original research works, reviews, at the national platform from all the field of dentistry. This journal also deals with special and rare case reports. The journal will be published quarterly.

The journal personifies the scope and diversity for the field of dentistry.

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Latest Articles
Rehabilitation Of Distal Extension Edentulous Case With Claspless Extra-Coronal Attachments- A Case Report Written by Akshyaa Balaji   Published On Issue 2 Vol 10, 2022
Kennedy’s class I and class II situations are at times very challenging to rehabilitate especially when opposing a complete denture. The tooth and tissue are supported and hence the retention of the prosthesis may sometimes be compromised due to the nature of the residual tissues. Ideally implant supported prosthesis are considered to be the most favorable treatment option for these patients but their systemic health status may not be suitable for the same. A conventional cast partial dent Read More

The Influence Of Replacing Anterior Teeth On Patient Acceptance Of Removable Partial Dentures In Saudi Arabia Written by Ibrahim Saleh Aljulayfi   Published On Issue 2 Vol 10, 2022
The current study aims to investigate the interaction between factors that might affect patients’ acceptance of removable partial dentures (RPDs) with a focus on the impact of replacing the anterior teeth. One hundred and forty-seven patients were recruited for the study. These patients were treated with removable partial dentures (RPD) during undergraduate courses at two different dental schools in Riyadh province in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Patients were contacted by telephone and as Read More

Amnion Membrane Matrix And Bio Dentine In The Management Of An External Apical Root Resorption Written by Gyanendra Pratap Singh   Published On Issue 2 Vol 10, 2022
External apical root resorption results in blunting and shortening of roots with open apices that present a major challenge in obtaining a complete three-dimensional seal of the root canal system. In recent years the treatment option in the management of a case with external root resorption is the use of an apical barrier. This case report describes the novel use of amnion membrane matrix and Bio dentine as an apical barrier in the management of an apical root resorption case. Access opening was Read More

Application Of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography In Diagnosis And Treatment Of Multiple Canals– A Case Report Written by Gyanendra Pratap Singh   Published On Issue 2 Vol 10, 2022
The most important objective of root canal treatment is to identify all the canals , thorough debridement and three dimenstional obturation of the canal space. The awareness of the anatomy within the canal apparatus is an important component in the treatment of dental procedures. Anatomically mandibular first molars have two roots with either three or four canals, nevertheless, the presence of extra canals has been reported by various authors, most commonly being the middle mesial root canal. Th Read More

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