2021 Volume 9 Issue 3


Riyadh A Alzunaydi, Ghadah B Alqahtani, Norah A Alqahtani, Mohammad I AlSowail, Sarah S Aburaisi

Vertical dimension can be determined by different methods and the most common method used to evaluate VD is Freeway space. It was adverted by (Nyswonger ME. 1934). PROSPERO registration number CRD42020197154. In this systematic review guided by Prisma statement, the PICO formulation (population, intervention, comparison, and outcome) was allocated to adult patients who had undergone an increased vertical dimension. 3011 literature were searched and collected from various libraries on internet networks such as [Embase – PubMed – Cochrane Library – VHL – Clinical Trial- Web of Science - Google Scholar – SDL] by hand search. Keywords included (Bite raising, increase vertical dimension, Prosthetic rehabilitation, worn dentition, OVD, and minimally invasive treatment). After the quality assessment by using the Cochrane collaboration tool with the help of 24-item forms used by Heyashi et al., we ended with 8 studies eligible to be included. The OVD increase ranged from 0.5 mm to 6 mm. It increased depending on the patient's complaints and needs (aesthetically, functionality) and materials that were used in each study. There are two different ways to fabricate a new occlusion. The first way, by two stages, initiates with interim removable or fixed restoration for adjustment of the occlusion before the definitive restoration. While the other way by creating the new bite with the articulator arrangement then place the definitive restoration without provisional testing over a period of time. Two different methods were used to increase the vertical dimension by utilizing different materials and techniques.

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Alzunaydi RA, Alqahtani GB, Alqahtani NA, AlSowail MI, Aburaisi SS. Different Prosthetic Comprehensive Methods Of Increasing Vertical Dimension: A Systematic Review. Ann Dent Spec. 2021;9(3):25-32. https://doi.org/10.51847/4SAnAjaqnP
Alzunaydi, R. A., Alqahtani, G. B., Alqahtani, N. A., AlSowail, M. I., & Aburaisi, S. S. (2021). Different Prosthetic Comprehensive Methods Of Increasing Vertical Dimension: A Systematic Review. Annals of Dental Specialty, 9(3),25-32. https://doi.org/10.51847/4SAnAjaqnP
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