2024 Volume 12 Issue 1
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Evaluation of Complete Denture Impressions: Implementing A Numerical Grading Method

  1. Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Several factors affect the quality of Complete denture (CD) final impressions, such as techniques, materials, operator skills, and dentist-patient relationship. Hence, understanding the clinical impressions-related skills of students may help improve the assessment and teaching process. A total of 160 completely edentulous arches were treated, maxillary (n=80) and mandibular (n=80). Final impressions were made by 4th-year undergraduate dental students (males=40 and females=40). The defects and quality of the impressions were assessed and evaluated using a calibrated grading model. Using the grading model for evaluating impressions showed that the mean quality grades of maxillary and mandibular arch impressions were 8.62 ± 1.7 and 7.29 ± 2.1 (12 the highest), suggesting that students made higher quality impressions on average. There was a significant difference (p < 0.001) between the mean quality grade of impressions made by the students, implying that maxillary impressions made by females were significantly of higher quality than males. There were significant differences (p = 0.003) between the overall qualities of both arch impressions, suggesting that maxillary impressions were significantly made of higher quality compared to mandibular impressions regardless of the gender of students. Overall, undergraduate dental students made better-quality impressions. Female students constructed impressions of higher quality than males, and maxillary impressions were made with better quality compared to mandibular impressions. The calibrated grading method developed for this research may uniform the evaluation of the impressions and improve clinical teaching, thereby developing competent dentists who provide good patient care and satisfaction.

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Bukhary DM. Evaluation of Complete Denture Impressions: Implementing A Numerical Grading Method. Ann Dent Spec. 2024;12(1):7-13. https://doi.org/10.51847/yczfxU5UcT
Bukhary, D. M. (2024). Evaluation of Complete Denture Impressions: Implementing A Numerical Grading Method. Annals of Dental Specialty, 12(1), 7-13. https://doi.org/10.51847/yczfxU5UcT
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