2020 Volume 8 Issue 3
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Evaluation of Endodontic Errors Causes and Management Approach: Literature Review

Rawan Waleed Alhussain, Yaqean Khaleal A Alhajimohammed, Rola Eid Almohammadi, Razan Waleed Alhussain, Asma’a Ayed Alruwili, Entesar Jaber Almalki, Asma Mohammed Shagagi, Hanin Mohammed Basheer, Salih Mohammed Aljasem, Abdullah Khaled Abdullah Albaz, Hadeel Bahaa Kashkari


Background: Endodontic treatment (ET) is an operative dental procedure that aims at managing an infected tooth pulp. The tooth pulp contains the neurovascular bundle that is encapsulated within a hollow structure of the tooth termed root canal. One of the essential predictors of effective bacterial eradication and future dental protection is sedulous operative techniques.

Objectives: The occurrence of any of the aforementioned errors can result in devastating consequences, and thus, ET errors are of extreme importance and clinical relevance for practicing clinicians. Therefore, in this paper, we will review the proper literature discussing the causes and the available treatments of ET errors.

Methodology: We conducted the literature search within the PubMed database using the keywords: “Endodontic” and “Errors” and “Treatment” and “Failure” and “Root” and “Canal” and with dates from 1990 to 2020.

Review: A dentist might run into many unforeseen complications that might directly affect the o of the outcome of the disease. Appropriate knowledge and expertise of performing procedures in a standardized fashion is vital to prevent and/or overcome such complications should they arise

Conclusion: In conclusion, the current review has summarized the current state of the literature regarding the causes and treatments of endodontic errors. It has explained the various processes common endodontic errors occur during the multiple phases of endodontic management.

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