Issue 3 Volume 8 (2020)

Assessment of Fluoride Uptake by Tooth Enamel from Different Fluoride Dentifrices: A Systematic Review
Written by Mohammad Abdul Baseer   Published On Issue 3 Vol 8, 2020
Aim: To review the factors influencing the Enamel Fluoride Uptake (EFU) from different fluoride dentifrices by considering studies published between 2005 and 2020. Materials and Method: This review study was based on a systematic search of the literature on fluoride uptake by dental enamel from fluoride dentifrices. This study was carried out in March 2020 by considering all published experimental studies. Structured search in different sources of bibliographic information. Source of tertiary in
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Customised Aesthetic Maxillary Complete Denture Prosthesis Using Characterization- A Case Series
Written by Mayank Kumar Parakh   Published On Issue 3 Vol 8, 2020
For an esthetic appearance of a complete denture, characterization of the denture plays a significant role. Furthermore, giving appropriate contours and characterizing the denture bases can give a more natural and life-like appearance. In this case series, the esthetics of a maxillary complete denture were enhanced using various shades of gingival composite resin, a flangeless maxillary denture with a diastema was fabricated, and a case of maxillary and mandibular sectionally characterized
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Evaluation of the Use of Antibiotics Prophylaxis in Dental Surgery: Literature Review
Written by Khalid Shami Alghaythi   Published On Issue 3 Vol 8, 2020
Background: Infective endocarditis is a cardiovascular infection resulting from the migration of oropharyngeal bacteria during dental manipulation. It is, however, caused by other factors and conditions not related to dental surgery. As a result, antibiotic prophylaxis is important in dental practice, and this paper would discuss this issue further. Objectives: We focus in this paper on antibiotics in the perioperative dental condition, and only relevant studies would be discussed. Methodology:
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Evaluation of Endodontic Errors Causes and Management Approach: Literature Review
Written by Rawan Waleed Alhussain   Published On Issue 3 Vol 8, 2020
  Background: Endodontic treatment (ET) is an operative dental procedure that aims at managing an infected tooth pulp. The tooth pulp contains the neurovascular bundle that is encapsulated within a hollow structure of the tooth termed root canal. One of the essential predictors of effective bacterial eradication and future dental protection is sedulous operative techniques. Objectives: The occurrence of any of the aforementioned errors can result in devastating consequences, and thus, ET er
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Fibrolipoma of Buccal Mucosa: An Unusual Case
Written by Varsha VK   Published On Issue 3 Vol 8, 2020
Fibrolipoma is one of the infrequent variants of Lipoma characterized by distinctive features with both mature adipose cells and broad bands of intense fibrous connective tissue. It may be present at birth which is caused by an endocrinal imbalance, originate via the disintegration of a fibromatous tumor, arises from the maturation of lipoblastomatosis, and also due to repeated mild trauma which triggers the proliferation of fatty tissue. It has a diverse clinicopathologic and biologic entity wi
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An Overview on Diagnosis and Management of Fluorosis: Literature Review
Written by Wejdan Ali Alkaabinah   Published On Issue 3 Vol 8, 2020
Background: Fluorosis is a cosmetic condition of the teeth that is caused by early exposure to large amounts of fluoride. These sources of fluoride are variable: toothpaste, natural waters, oral fluoride rinsing agents, and brick tea. The prevalence of the disease varies around the world and effort should be made in correctly identify the disease and then provide appropriate management. Objectives: In this paper, we focus on the condition of dental fluorosis, and only the relevant studies are di
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Knowledge Of Antibiotics And Antimicrobial Resistance Among Clinical Dental Students In Riyadh & Eastern Region; A Survey-Based Study
Written by Nawaf Alhamidi   Published On Issue 3 Vol 8, 2020
Background: Antibiotics as one of the major factors of life-expectancy increment, are prescribed for infectious diseases caused by bacteria. However, the world faced the most significant issue of antimicrobial resistance. Several studies have conducted to gauge the level of awareness about antibiotics microbial resistance (AMR). According to the sevral researches, 54% dentists overprescribe antibiotics, and one‐tenth of them believed that antibiotics should be used for the treatment of flu and t
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Awareness Of The Effects Of Shisha And Electronic Cigarette Smoking On Oral Health In Saudi Population
Written by Nishath Sayed Abdul   Published On Issue 3 Vol 8, 2020
Background: Despite the popularity of shisha smoking and electronic cigarette smoking practices among Arab and Middle East countries, the knowledge and awareness of the deleterious effects of these habits have never been investigated among the Saudi population. Objective: This study aimed to assess and compare the knowledge and awareness of the effects of Shisha and electronic cigarette smoking on the oral health of Saudi dental patients. Subjects and Methods: This observational, cross-sectional
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Comparing Post Removal Kits With Other Systems Used In The Removal Of Interradicular Posts From Root Canals: A Review
Written by Doaa Alghamdi   Published On Issue 3 Vol 8, 2020
Aim: This literature review aimed to discuss the properties of post-removal kits and compare them with other systems used in removing inter radicular posts from root canals. Methods: An electronic search of publications was made for the years 2000 to 2020. The databases included in the current study were PubMed, MEDLINE, Cochrane Library, Clinical Trial, and Saudi Digital Library. Conclusion: The results suggested that the removal of fiber posts can be achieved in a shorter time and in a more co
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Experience And Awareness Of Dental Patients Towards The Root Canal Treatment; A Cross-Sectional Study Done In Saudi Arabia
Written by Ibrahim S. Faya   Published On Issue 3 Vol 8, 2020
Introduction: To manage an endodontic case, the patient must know enough regarding the treatment which they have to undergo. The patient must understand how important it is for him to respond to all the visits which are prescribed to him by the dentist. Materials & Methods: This is a survey-based study done in Jeddah as well as Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The survey was designed using Google forms. The link for the survey was distributed among the Saudi adults having at least 1 root canal treatmen
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Knowledge And Awareness Of The Systemic Conditions And Oral Health Association
Written by Shahzeb Hasan Ansari   Published On Issue 3 Vol 8, 2020
Introduction: Dental problems constitute the most among the majority of the world's population and its association with general medical health cannot be ignored. It is imperative for the medically compromised patients to take additional care of their oral cavity, which is generally ignored during the course of their treatment. Materials and Methods: This is a cross sectional study, which involved the utilization of a closed ended questionnaire. Data collection was done as a combination of el
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White Teeth Fever: Dentist Perception And Attitude In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Written by AlQabbaa M Lama   Published On Issue 3 Vol 8, 2020
Objectives: The demand for white teeth is widespread among patients seeking aesthetic treatment; therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate dentist’s preference in tooth shade recommendation for patients and dentist perception and attitude toward patient needs. Methods: Due to the greater anonymity of the web-based survey, which allowed higher self-disclosure of respondents, a web-based questionnaire of 24 close-ended questions, investigated dentist’s preference in tooth
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The New Era Of Dental Technology - Dental Leaser: A Systemic Review
Written by Abdulrahman Jafar Alhaddad   Published On Issue 3 Vol 8, 2020
Modern dentistry has been making our lives easier for a long time, due to technological advancements in almost every sector of science. Lasers in dentistry are getting more popular over time. The purpose of this systemic review is to point out applications of laser technology in the field of Fixed Prosthodontics. This study was a systemic review thorough electronic search of PubMed and Google scholar database was performed to find relevant articles. The inclusion criteria: observational Studies,
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