Issue 4 Volume 7 (2019)

Ameloblastoma Mimicking The Periapical Lesion: A Case Report
Written by Sajda Khan Gajdhar   Published On Issue 4 Vol 7, 2019
Ameloblastoma is a unique epithelium odontogenic tumor occurring in the posterior region of the mandible. It is initially asymptomatic but slowly leads to the expansion of the cortical bone. Ameloblastoma can be categorized into different variants based on clinical and histological features. Amongst all the variants of ameloblastoma solid multicystic ameloblastoma (SMA) considered to be a locally aggressive lesion. It can present different clinical, radiographic and histopathological presentatio
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Comparative Study of Titanium Micro Plates Versus Bioresorbable Plates In The Osteosynthesis of Isolated Zygomatic Bone Fractures
Written by Rizwan Arshad   Published On Issue 4 Vol 7, 2019
Background/objective: Osteosynthesis is a popular way of treating facial hard tissue injuries since the late fifties. However, the introduction of bioresorbable material opens the new horizon of discussion about the efficacy of the various materials in the medical world. The purpose of this study was to compare two different materials, titanium and poly L(L/D)Lactide acid, in terms of the clinical efficacy and the incidence of postoperative complications. Material and Methods: All 50 patients of
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The Association Between Smoking and the Stage of Periodontitis
Written by Fatih Karaaslan   Published On Issue 4 Vol 7, 2019
Introduction: Periodontitis is considered to be a complex disease of multifactorial origin. While periodontitis is unquestionably initiated by bacteria, several modifying and predisposing factors determine the clinical presentation and progression of periodontitis.  In 2017 classification, smoking is regarded as a significant risk factor in the grade of periodontitis. Although the association between the grade of periodontitis and smoking was reported, the relationship between smoking and t
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Prevalence of Pulp Stones and its Relation with Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes Mellitus Using Digital Radiographs: A Retrospective Study
Written by Shibu Thomas Mathew   Published On Issue 4 Vol 7, 2019
Objectives: This study aimed to investigate the usefulness of digital radiographs in detecting the association between pulp stones and the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and diabetes mellitus (DM). Additionally, this study aimed to determine the pervasiveness of pulp stones with independent variables, such as age, gender, and tooth type using digital radiographs. Methodology: A total of 1030 patients from a university clinic participated in the study. The selection and recruitment of
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