Issue 2 Volume 7 (2019)

Comparison Between Medicinal Plants Used Against Oral Diseases And Pharmaceutical Dental Products In Morocco Written by Hazim Harouak   Published On Issue 2 Vol 7, 2019
In order to compare aromatic and medicinal plants used against different oral diseases and medicinal products commercialized around the kingdom of Morocco for oral use, two surveys were carried out in Meknes city; the first one was with herbalists operating traditional medicine sector and the second one at pharmacies or parapharmacies. The results
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Tissue Conditioning: Dual Approach About Clinical Cases Written by Bensouna Salah Eddine   Published On Issue 2 Vol 7, 2019
In many cases, wearing old dentures may cause abnormalities and soft tissue lesions, the success of a new prosthetic therapy is conditioned by the elimination of all the lesions and anatomical defects of these tissues. This can be accomplished by performing pre-treatment for tissue conditioning by the use of conditioning materials that allow osteo-
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Radiographic Evaluation Of Maxillary Sinus Surgical Risks In Sinus Lifting Surgery Candidates Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Written by Maryam Safabakhsh   Published On Issue 2 Vol 7, 2019
Introduction: Dental implant placement in the maxillary posterior edentulous area can be an indication for sinus lifting surgery in case of inadequate residual bone between the sinus floor and crestal ridge. In the present study, we aimed to conduct a radiological assessment of maxillary sinus surgical risks in sinus lifting surgery candidates, usi
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