2019 Volume 7 Issue 3

Sleep Disorders in Children – A Review of Literature

Smita Singh Bhardwaj, Abdulaziz Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Albader, Abdullah Almalki, Sami Alduwayhi, Atul Bhardwaj, Sara Ayid

Sleep disruption and lack of sleep can lead to inattention and therefore problems with learning and cognition. Sleep disorders are characterized by the disturbance in the patient's timing or quality of sleep, or in the physiological or behavioral conditions associated with sleep. There is a significant relationship between sleep disorders and emotional or behavioral conditions as children who are diagnosed with sleep deficiency exhibit lower levels of self-esteem, lower grades, high levels of depression, and problems in academic abilities, as well as language and organizational skills. The dentist has an important role in the recognition of a patient who may be at risk for a sleep disorder due to the relationship between sleep disorders and other health issues. This article aims to briefly review the identification and treatment options for sleep disorders‎.

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