2019 Volume 7 Issue 1

Cemento-Ossifying Fibroma Of The Mandible: Report Of A Case

Damla Torul, Kadircan Kahveci, Mehmet Melih Omezli, Ferhat Ayranci, Zerrin Unal Erzurumlu

Background and Aim: Cemento-ossifying fibroma is a rare benign neoplasm, affecting the jaws. Because it shares many features with other lesions of the jaws, definitive diagnosis of the cemento-ossifying fibroma is a challenge for the clinician and requires the integration of histopathological, radiological, and clinical examinations. In this article, the diagnosis and surgical management of a cemento-ossifying fibroma, localized in the premolar area of the mandible are presented.


Case Report: A 25-year old male patient, admitted with a complaint of intraoral swelling located on the right side of the mandible. On panoramic radiography, a well-demarcated, unilocular radiolucency was observed between the right mandibular premolars. After radiological and clinical examinations, surgical excision via intraoral approach under local anesthesia was used to totally enucleate the lesion. There were no signs of recurrence.


Conclusion: COF which may be encountered in various radiological and clinical features should be differentiated from other pathologies by considering histopathological, radiological, and clinical features together.

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