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Our journal “Annals of Dental Specialty” is double blind peer reviewed journal, designed by the group of renowned specialists from various field of dentistry. This journal is formulated to discuss the newer techniques and original research works, reviews, at the national platform from all the field of dentistry. This journal also deals with special and rare case reports. The journal will be published quarterly.

The journal personifies the scope and diversity for the field of dentistry.

Important instructions for readers and authors

  1. Communications regarding submission of original articles, Review articles and Case reports should be addressed to the editor-in-chief on the following email address  [email protected] .
  2. Information for authors is available on the journal’s website at Authors should consult these instructions before submitting manuscripts to the journal.
No responsibility is assumed by the publisher from any use or operations of any methods, products, instructions or ideas contained in the materials herein.

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Latest Articles
The Role Of Botox In The Management Of Tmj Disorders – A Systematic Review Written by Fahad Amer Almutairi   Published On Issue 4 Vol 8, 2020
Introduction: The majority of people who suffer from temporomandibular disorders (TMD) opt for medical help when they encounter severe chronic pain. With a change in treatment modality, it is seen that botulinum toxin (BTX) has gained much popularity. Therefore, this systematic review aimed to assess the current status of BTX in the management of T Read More

Teledentistry: Knowledge, Awareness, And Attitude Among Undergraduate, Graduate And Postgraduate Dental Students Written by Nishath Sayed Abdul   Published On Issue 4 Vol 8, 2020
Background: The usage of information technology and telecommunications for dental care is known as Teledentistry. This study aimed to assess the knowledge, awareness, and attitude of teledentistry among undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate dental students in Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia.Materials and Methods: This cross-sectional study was conduc Read More

Difficulties Concerning Endodontic Non-Surgical Root Canal Treatment Steps In Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Written by Ayman O. Mandorah   Published On Issue 4 Vol 8, 2020
Introduction: Root canal treatment (RCT) is a procedure that is made through phases even more scrupulous yet one of the most challenging procedures. Even more formidable for undergraduate students who are in dental practice. Therefore, a questionnaire is conducted to determine significant procedural difficulties and challenges encountered by underg Read More

Retrospective Digital X-Ray Assessment Of Root Canal Treatment Performed By Undergraduate In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Written by Khames T. Alzahrani   Published On Issue 4 Vol 8, 2020
Background: Root canal therapy consists of a sequence of scientifically based technical procedures. The presence of an error in any of these procedures lead to a dire consequence. Errors are classified into errors related to working length, cleaning, shaping and errors related to the quality of obturation. The root canal system has complex and high Read More

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