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Our journal “Annals of Dental Specialty” is double blind peer reviewed journal, designed by the group of renowned specialists from various field of dentistry. This journal is formulated to discuss the newer techniques and original research works, reviews, at the national platform from all the field of dentistry. This journal also deals with special and rare case reports. The journal will be published quarterly.

The journal personifies the scope and diversity for the field of dentistry.

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  1. Communications regarding submission of original articles, Review articles and Case reports should be addressed to the editor-in-chief on the following email address  [email protected] .
  2. Information for authors is available on the journal’s website at Authors should consult these instructions before submitting manuscripts to the journal.
No responsibility is assumed by the publisher from any use or operations of any methods, products, instructions or ideas contained in the materials herein.

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Latest Articles
Frequency of Post-Operative Sensitivity In Permanent Posterior Teeth with Class I Composite Restorations Written by Neelum Naz   Published On Issue 1 Vol 8, 2020
Background/objectives: Post-operative sensitivity after placing posterior composite restorations is a problem that clinicians have experienced since 20 years ago even when a dentine liner is used. Sensitivity is associated with increased dentine permeability and with the residual stresses from shrinkage in adhesive composites resin restoration that Read More

The Evaluation of Two Different Methods of Acrylic Resin Polymerization Written by Edit Xhajanka   Published On Issue 1 Vol 8, 2020
Background. During the polymerization and processing procedures of heat-polymerization, polymethyl methacrylate shrinkage of acrylic resin has been noticed. The purpose of the study was to compare two methods of polymerization of acrylic resin: compression molding and injection molding technique.Materials and methods. 167 patients who needed remova Read More

Prevalence of Congenitally Missing Teeth (Radiographic Study) Written by Hussein Haleem Jasim   Published On Issue 1 Vol 8, 2020
The congenitally missing teeth considered a wide distributed among different countries of the world. The people suffered from different problems that are accompanying these anomalies as aesthetic, functional and psychogenic problems. Some factors might be related to the etiology of these cases and variables from hereditary, racial, gender and envir Read More

Comparison of Four Indigenous Plastination Techniques for Potential Use As A Teaching Aid In Dentistry Written by Bhavna Chulliparampil Mohan   Published On Issue 1 Vol 8, 2020
Aim: The present study attempts to plastinate selected oral specimens using four different methods for preserving them in pathology museums.Background: Plastination is a relatively recent technique in which synthetic materials are used for the preservation of bodies and body parts. This process involves the replacement of water and lipids in biolog Read More

Issue 2 Volume 8 - 2020
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