Issue 3 Volume 7 (2019)

Compressive Strength and Flexural Strength of Titanium Nano-Enriched Gic at Different PercentagesAn
Written by Anam Tahir   Published On Issue 3 Vol 7, 2019
Background: The use of nanoparticles in dentistry has become an important part of the studies. The main aim of this research was to measure the flexural and compressive strength of GIC (GC Universal Restorative Cement 2) compared to GIC (GC Universal Restorative Cement 2) containing titania nanoparticles at 3% and 5% (w/w). Materials and Methods: This experimental in-vitro study was carried out in the Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS) and the duration of this study w
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Factors Affecting Cognition in Individuals with Tooth Loss
Written by Fahad Ismail   Published On Issue 3 Vol 7, 2019
Loss of teeth and chewing ability has been associated with cognitive decline in individuals at an older age, which is attributed to either the loss of the chewing reflex and its subsequent stimulation of brain centers or due to the absence of nutrition because of poor chewing ability. This can be aggravated by the lack of education, poor socioeconomic status, age, and female gender. We administered a questionnaire for our sample that consisted of individuals with more than 10 missing teeth, over
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Sleep Disorders in Children – A Review of Literature
Written by Smita Singh Bhardwaj   Published On Issue 3 Vol 7, 2019
Sleep disruption and lack of sleep can lead to inattention and therefore problems with learning and cognition. Sleep disorders are characterized by the disturbance in the patient's timing or quality of sleep, or in the physiological or behavioral conditions associated with sleep. There is a significant relationship between sleep disorders and emotional or behavioral conditions as children who are diagnosed with sleep deficiency exhibit lower levels of self-esteem, lower grades, high levels o
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The Association Between Sexual Quality Of Life And Periodontal Status In Adult Men
Written by Fatih Karaaslan   Published On Issue 3 Vol 7, 2019
Introduction: Periodontal diseases are highly prevalent and complex diseases that pose a significant oral health challenge and have a negative impact on individuals’ lives. Sexual quality of life (SQoL) includes comfort with sexual and emotional intimacy, body image and self-esteem. SQoL is a key aspect of human beings’ lives and plays a fundamental role in general well-being and quality of life. Despite the high prevalence of periodontal diseases, discussing sexual quality is uncomm
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Clinical And Radiographic Assessment of The Marginal Fit And Proximal Contacts of Dental Restorations
Written by Samar Abuzinadah   Published On Issue 3 Vol 7, 2019
The purpose of the current study was to investigate the detection of marginal discrepancy clinically and radiographically inserted in patients treated by sixth-year (senior year) dental students. The null hypothesis was that clinical and radiographic assessments are similar. A retrospective observational study was conducted in 2019. Forty-five dental restorations were examined by both dentists independently for the presence of a marginal catch by using a sharp explorer and a bitewing radiograph.
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