2019 Volume 7 Issue 3

The Association Between Sexual Quality Of Life And Periodontal Status In Adult Men

Fatih Karaaslan, Ahu Dikilitaş

Introduction: Periodontal diseases are highly prevalent and complex diseases that pose a significant oral health challenge and have a negative impact on individuals’ lives. Sexual quality of life (SQoL) includes comfort with sexual and emotional intimacy, body image and self-esteem. SQoL is a key aspect of human beings’ lives and plays a fundamental role in general well-being and quality of life. Despite the high prevalence of periodontal diseases, discussing sexual quality is uncommon in clinical encounters. The aim of this study was to gain insight on the association between SQoL and the periodontal status of adult men.

Methods: The study consists of clinical examination and a Sexual Quality of Life Questionnaire–Male Version (SQoL–M). The study participants were grouped, according to the 2017 classification system, into healthy, reduced periodontium, gingivitis, and periodontitis categories. The periodontitis patients were further subdivided into stages and grades.

Results: The mean age of 154 men included was 36.06 ± 4.51. The means of total scores on the SQoL–M questionnaire for Stages III (60.35 ± 1.76) and IV (57.52 ± 1.89) participants were significantly lower than those of other individuals. The mean total score of participants in the Grade C (60.28 ± 3.41) group was significantly lower than the mean total score of participants in Grade A and B groups.

Conclusion: Stages III and IV periodontitis have a negative impact on SQoL, and Grade C periodontitis patients have lower SQoL than do patients in Grades A and B‎.

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