2020 Volume 8 Issue 3

An Overview on Diagnosis and Management of Fluorosis: Literature Review

Wejdan Ali Alkaabinah, Saleh Ahmed Al-Zahrani, Ibrahim Talal Kamal, Weam Othman Barnawi, Ghadah Mustafa Aljohani, Yara Jameel Alrashidi, Abdulrahman Mohammed Alamri, Bader Saeed Alotaibi, Abrar Owaid Alshahrani, Ohud Mustafa Sandougah, Nisrin Nifal Alharthi, Ahmed musaad Alzahrani

Background: Fluorosis is a cosmetic condition of the teeth that is caused by early exposure to large amounts of fluoride. These sources of fluoride are variable: toothpaste, natural waters, oral fluoride rinsing agents, and brick tea. The prevalence of the disease varies around the world and effort should be made in correctly identify the disease and then provide appropriate management.

Objectives: In this paper, we focus on the condition of dental fluorosis, and only the relevant studies are discussed.

Methodology: The pubMed database was used to select articles, and papers on fluorosis were obtained and reviewed.

Conclusion: In summary, fluorosis is associated with excess fluoride intake during childhood, hence, dentists can provide appropriate oral care, including actively advocating healthy dental care with their patients and increasing awareness of the consequences of early-life fluoride intake. The use of dental indices helps in the early diagnosis and management of this condition.

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Alkaabinah W A, Al-Zahrani S A, Kamal I T, Barnawi W O, Aljohani G M, Alrashidi Y J et al. An Overview on Diagnosis and Management of Fluorosis: Literature Review. Annals of Dental Specialty 2020;8(3):27-30
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