2021 Volume 9 Issue 2

Study of the Possibilities of Using Augmented Reality in Dentistry

Maksalina Ikhvanovna Yusupova, Kamilla Arturovna Mantikova, Milana Aslanovna Kodzokova, Artem Evgenevich Mishvelov, Alexandra Ivanovna Paschenko, Zuleykha Abdulkerim Kizi Ashurova, Rimma Hazbecherovna Slanova, Sergey Nikolaevich Povetkin

Using augmented reality glasses with the HoloDoctor program for implantological treatment, a new method of simulating implantological and surgical treatment in the maxillofacial region demonstrated good visualization of the anatomical features of the implant placement area, the possibility for the surgeon to carefully study the intervention area before the operation, performing surgery in the conditions of the real anatomy of the patient including the use of navigation in augmented reality, which allows us to practice the skills of operations on a virtual patient using phantom dummies (made using 3D printing) that are linked to holography in real-time. Computed jawbones tomography was performed. The impressions of antagonists and the lower jaw were obtained and plaster models were made from the impressions, and were later scanned. Implants were virtually installed with the help of the planning program and a 3D reconstruction of the image of the jaws was performed, and a template was designed. The model of the jaw and the template are printed on 3D scanners. According to the template and based on the accepted protocol, the implants were inserted into the plastic model.

How to cite this article
Yusupova MI, Mantikova KA, Kodzokova MA, Mishvelov AE, Paschenko AI, Ashurova ZAK, et al. Study of the Possibilities of Using Augmented Reality in Dentistry. Ann Dent Spec. 2021;9(2):17-21. https://doi.org/10.51847/BG1ZAzqXRc
Yusupova, M. I., Mantikova, K. A., Kodzokova, M. A., Mishvelov, A. E., Paschenko, A. I., Ashurova, Z. A. K., Slanova, R. H., & Povetkin, S. N. (2021). Study of the Possibilities of Using Augmented Reality in Dentistry. Annals of Dental Specialty, 9(2), 17-21. https://doi.org/10.51847/BG1ZAzqXRc
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