2020 Volume 8 Issue 4
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Retrospective Digital X-Ray Assessment Of Root Canal Treatment Performed By Undergraduate In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Khames T. Alzahrani, Lama M. Alharbi, Rania A. Hasan, Reema S. Aldaqal, Ayman O. Mandorah

Background: Root canal therapy consists of a sequence of scientifically based technical procedures. The presence of an error in any of these procedures lead to a dire consequence. Errors are classified into errors related to working length, cleaning, shaping and errors related to the quality of obturation. The root canal system has complex and highly variable morphology that causes challenges to dental.

Objective: This study aims to assess the radiographic technical quality of root canal treatment performed by undergraduates in the western region of Saudi Arabia.

Methodology: A retrospective observational study design and focused on students and interns in the western region of Saudi Arabia. randomly selected cases performed by undergraduates. with criteria includes that all selected roots are the permanent maxillary and mandibular teeth, and all treated with manual or rotary files and we will randomly be collected. A Postoperative periapical digital radiograph only is used to conduct assessments.

Result: During the academic years 2018-2020, a total of 1,264 endodontic root canal treatment (RCT) was carried out by dental undergraduates in the western region of Saudi Arabia. Out of the total sample, (62.03%) were root canal treated in the mandibular jaw; and (37.97%) were root canal treated in the maxillary jaw all these cases were carefully analysed.

Conclusion: This was concluded within the focus of this research; the most common endodontic (RCT) procedural error was seen poorly filled were radiographically visible voids followed by overfilling.

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