2021 Volume 9 Issue 4
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Morphological Variations in Mandibular Anterior: Case Studies

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Endodontic treatment mainly aims at chemomechanical debriding and filling the root canal space three-dimensionally. Post-treatment complications may arise due to failure to detect all the root canals. Teeth identified as having a single root canal are considered uncomplicated to treat. Literature reports suggest several variations in internal and external root canal anatomies. The case studies present cases of mandibular anterior with two canals and with different canal morphologies. Radiographs were taken at 30 to 40 degrees angle. Radiographic analysis of the mandibular anterior revealed presence of two canals. After access opening, determination of working length was done using angled radiographs and further confirmed by apex locator. Root canal preparation was done using the step-back technique with side vented needle irrigation using sodium hypochlorite and ethylene-di-amine tetra acetic acid. Cold lateral condensation was used for obturation along with AH Plus sealer. The post-operative endodontic restoration was done with light cure composite resin.

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Parvez B, Sinha DJ, Rawat M, Pranshu P, Mehra D. Morphological Variations in Mandibular Anterior: Case Studies. Ann Dent Spec. 2021;9(4):43-7. https://doi.org/10.51847/UJALE0iH87
Parvez, B., Sinha, D. J., Rawat, M., Pranshu, P., & Mehra, D. (2021). Morphological Variations in Mandibular Anterior: Case Studies. Annals of Dental Specialty, 9(4), 43-47. https://doi.org/10.51847/UJALE0iH87
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