2023 Volume 11 Issue 1 Supplementary
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Amelogenesis imperfecta (AI) is a rare genetic condition distinguished by inadequate development of the dental enamel, affecting both the permanent and primary dentition. Treatment of Al patient requires a multidisciplinary approach including prosthodontics, endodontics, periodontist, orthodontist, and maxillofacial surgeon. This study aims to assess the knowledge, clinical experience regarding amelogenesis imperfecta prosthodontic management in Saudi Arabia. This cross-sectional study was conducted in Saudi Arabia. An online survey was distributed among dental students and dentists in Saudi Arabia. The questionnaire section's design was follow the (KAP) to assess and measure the population's knowledge, attitude, and practice. The collected data was exported to "Microsoft Office Excel Software". The statistical analysis was done through the (SPSS) Software. The study included 500 participants, 66.6% of whom were females. 24% of participants fall into the "High knowledge level" category, while 51.4% fall into the "Moderate knowledge level" category. The remaining 24.6% fall into the "Low knowledge level" category. 28% of participants had high awareness scores, 61% had moderate awareness, and 25% had low awareness scores. 40.2% exhibit a good practice level. This is followed closely by individuals with a moderate practice level, accounting for 42.2% of the population. Conversely, a smaller proportion of the population, comprising 17.6%, demonstrates a poor practice level. In summary, our research yielded respectable KAP scores, as enhancing the prosthodontic care given to patients with AI requires evaluating the knowledge and attitudes of dental professionals and students in Saudi Arabia.

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