2020 Volume 8 Issue 4
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Herbal Products Against Dental Caries

Ozgu Ilkcan Karadaglioglu, Laden Gulec Alagoz

Background: Even after years and developments in healthcare, dental caries is regarded as the most chronic disease in the human population. Dental caries is associated with oral pathogenic bacteria. For this reason, antibacterial agents are used in their treatment. However, these antibacterial agents contain commonly harsh chemicals such as fluoride. People who are conscious of the side effects of fluoride have started to prefer natural antibacterial products. Studies have focused on the therapeutic properties of plants in terms of dentistry and new oral care products have been developed

Objective: This article aims to collect information about using plants against dental caries and review their effects. 

Methods: Studies on the antibacterial activity of herbal products in the literature, especially in the last 5 years, have been reviewed.

Discussion: Essential oils and extracts obtained from plants seem good alternatives to the chemical products. Herbal products contain several active biological components and due to these components, they show the effects of inhibiting dental plaque formation and reducing microbial adhesion.

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