2020 Volume 8 Issue 1
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Frequency of Post-Operative Sensitivity In Permanent Posterior Teeth with Class I Composite Restorations

Neelum Naz, Romana Noreen, Amara Nazir, Muhammad Javed Iqbal, Sadiq Amin Ahmed Rana, Qurat ul Ain Malik

Background/objectives: Post-operative sensitivity after placing posterior composite restorations is a problem that clinicians have experienced since 20 years ago even when a dentine liner is used. Sensitivity is associated with increased dentine permeability and with the residual stresses from shrinkage in adhesive composites resin restoration that may cause de-bonding. This study aimed at evaluating the post-operative sensitivity in composite restorations using total etch adhesive system in class I restorations in the posterior teeth of adult patients.

Materials & Methods: For this cross-sectional study, 139 consecutive patients with the age range of 15-40 years, presented in the Nishtar Institute of Dentistry and were included in the study fulfilling the exclusion and inclusion criteria. A thorough history, clinical examination and periapical radiograph using a standardized method for adults were performed. The whole procedure of restoration with composite P-60(3M) material was carried out after achieving standard isolation methods. Evaluation of the postoperative sensitivity was done by using the visual analogue scale.

Results: Among 139 patients, 20(14.4%) patients showed sensitivity. There were 12(14.3%) males and 8(14.5%) females who complained of postoperative sensitivity. There is no significant relation of gender with post-operative sensitivity.

Conclusion: Composite filling material has a remarkable post-operative sensitivity‎.

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