2021 Volume 9 Issue 4


Reyouf Ibrahim Alzumea, Lubna Abdulaziz Alolaiwi, Mohammad Ibrahim Alsaab, Alhanoof Hasan Alesawi, Walla Adnan Alghadeer, Lina Abdullatif Alsaeed, Sarah Fahad Dhwi, Monirah Zaid Alaqeeli, Jana Ahmed Asubail, Sarah Ahmed Madani

Orthodontics and bone remodeling have evolved to match modern aesthetic and therapeutic demands during the last decades. Different techniques were adopted and studied for 100 years involving invasive surgical and non-surgical procedures have been performed, but serious difficulties might appear in various situations and this might progress into undesirable postherpetic results. Various handpieces and surgical devices including burs, piezoelectric apparatus, hard blades, perforators, hammers, disc, and laser are used in corticotomy to lower destruction and damages to the patient. Also, various modified methods to minimize invasive procedures have been introduced to reduce the post and pre-operative complications and discomfort due to surgical interventions. This review will discuss and examine several journal articles, randomized controlled trials, and observational studies regarding corticotomy for orthodontic tooth movementElectronic PubMed database was applied in this review and data was gathered from significant journal articles, randomized controlled trials, and observational studies containing the term used in the mesh “Orthodontic” “Corticotomy” “Remodeling” “Technologies” RAP” “FEA” within the title or abstract.

Corticotomy plays a great role in surgical turnovers and bone remodeling and RAP takes a major role in aiding and reducing the process of tooth movement and healing, thereby new corticotomy techniques need to be adopted to speed up teeth movement and reduce any possible side effects.

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Alzumea RI, Alolaiwi LA, Alsaab MI, Alesawi AH, Alghadeer WA, Alsaeed LA, et al. An Overview On Corticotomy For Orthodontic Tooth Movement. Ann Dent Spec. 2021;9(4):23-7. https://doi.org/10.51847/y5ekmdhrOO
Alzumea, R. I., Alolaiwi, L. A., Alsaab, M. I., Alesawi, A. H., Alghadeer, W. A., Alsaeed, L. A., Dhwi, S. F., Alaqeeli, M. Z., Asubail, J. A., & Madani, S. A. (2021). An Overview On Corticotomy For Orthodontic Tooth Movement. Annals of Dental Specialty, 9(4),23-27. https://doi.org/10.51847/y5ekmdhrOO
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